Vote now in the 2013 Umbrella Prints Timmings Competition

One last post on the 2013 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition from me. In case you haven’t already seen my other posts, then let me start by saying that the idea behind the competition is simple: take one trimmings pack and use it to create something. It doens’t have to sewn, it just has to be used in a creation.

Voting is now open on the competition Pinterest page and will close 5th June at 12am ACST… so why not pay it a visit and get pinning now, although before you do I should remind you that there are three things to remember:

  1. Repin from the competition board
  2. Repin as many as you like
  3. But only repin each entry once

Even if you don’t use Pinterest it is well worth having a browse as there are so many wonderful enteries. For those enteries that are linked to blogs you can click through to read the relevant blog posts.

If you would like to give me a vote (and thank you so much in advance if you do) then here are my three entries again. For each of them I’ve posted the image that has been pinned to the competition board first along with a few more images from my original posts.
A reversible bucket hat. This was made for my youngest son, and I also made a drawstring music bag for my eldest from the same trimmings pack.

My handbag set For this entry I used some of the trimmings in a handbag I had designed myself and the remainder to make a coin purse, pouch and covered button key chain

The Mini Elephant Hide and Seek Wall hanging is my final entry, and perhaps my favourite, is a whimsical wall hanging depicting mini elephants playing a game of hide and seek amongst the flowers.

I have really enjoyed creating with these trimmings packs and I am sure I will be buying more in the future. They are available via the Umbrella Prints BigCartel shop or  Etsy shop if you feel like trying them out yourself.

Mini Elephants – Umbrella Prints Timmings Competiton Part 3

If you’ve been following my blog you will know by now that I have entered the 2013 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition. Twice. I have already used two trimmings packs to make a reversible bucket hat for my youngest son, and a second to make myself bag and accessories. Now I am going to show you what I made with a third pack which was mostly filled with pink and orange fabrics (sorry about the photos, it’s a horribly dull day here today).

When I opened this packet I immediately thought of my QAYG flowers. I made two using several of the trimmings in the pack, along with a few green scraps I had in my scrap bag.

I decided I would use these flowers for an appliquéd wall hanging so went on to fussy cut out a butterfly from one of the trimmings and some elephants (well one whole elephant and parts of two others) from another. With the addition of some leaves, again cut from my scrap bag greens, I set the mini elephants to playing hide and seek.

I stitched a few butterflies fluttering around the flowers, first sketching them out in the style of the one I had fussy cut from the trimmings.

The whole wall hanging, which I have called Mini Elephant Hide and Seek, is bound in some navy cotton spliced through with the remaining trimmings. Although I prefer diagonal seams when piecing my binding most of the trimmings I had left were just too small to do this so I stuck to straight seams.

Tomorrow, May 31st, all of the entries will be pinned to the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition Pinterest board. From June 1st-5th you can vote for your favourite, or favourites, by simply pinning them. I’m sure there will be plenty of wonderful entries so be sure to go and check it out.

Elephant Love: A Bag for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2013

Last week I introduced my son’s new reversible bucket hat, the first item I had made for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2013. Now I have the pleasure of showing you what I made from the first trimming pack that I bought.

With the trimmings I decided early on that I was going to make a bag. In addition to the trimmings I used a nice heavyweight brown cotton that I had picked up recently in Ikea along with some frabric from the Life’s a Hoot line by Adornit that I chose for my lining.

The bag in question is a handbag sized messenger style bag that I designed myself.

I used some of the fabric trimmings to create a decorative band on the front flap. A further trimming was repurposed in the form of a pocket on one end of the bag. In order to make the pocket large enough to use I pleated the base and then gathered the top, which prevents it from gaping and makes the contents easily accessible.

There is plenty of storage within the bag in the form of two internal pockets at the rear, and a further divided pocket at the front of the bag.

Of course the bag itself did not make use of all of the pieces in the trimmings pack and so I put those to good use to fill the bag with the necessary accessories. I first pieced some trimmings together and made a coin purse to collect all of the loose change I seem to constantly gather.

This was followed by a larger pouch. As I am usually out and about with my two boys, one of whom is only 16 months, I sized the pouch so that it can carry all that is needed for one on-the-go nappy change.

Even after making these items I still had several more trimmings left and so I used them to cover a number of buttons. I embroidered two more plain covered buttons with a heart and an elephant that picked up the desings in the trimmings. Using jumprings I then joined all of the buttons onto to a length of chain to make a fun matching keyring.

I really love how my new set works together and can’t wait to use it.

On May 31st all of the Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition entries will be pinned to the Pinterest board on May 31st. Between June 1st-5th (EST) you can vote for you choice of winner by pinning your favourite or favourites. Don’t forget to check it out, if past years are anything to go by there will be no end of wonderful ideas and creations.

Strung Together

Rachel over at Stitched in Color is currently hosting the Festival of Strings and, although I had been following the build-up to the festival over the past month, I hadn’t intended to take part myself as until today I didn’t have a string quilt made, or in the making.However, all that has now changed. Last night as I was tidying up the scraps and leftovers from my Bug Picnic quilt I came across a little stack of strips leftover from my block cutting. Most were no longer than 7″ and approximately 2″ wide, and I almost put them in my scrap bag. Then I remembered the brilliant tutorial by Molli Sparkles on string piecing without a foundation that I’d read a couple of weeks ago. In no time at all I was rethreading my machine and following the tutorial I soon converted my strips, along with a few extras I quickly cut from my leftovers, into a couple of pieces of fabric I could work with.

Then it was all pretty much design-on-the-go time. Squares were cut; half square triangles sewn; a quick layout pieced together and finally, with the addition of some strips of navy solid, my mini quilt top was finished.The back quickly followed suit after a quick browse through my fabric stash. As the majority of the patterns fabrics I had originally used in the bug Picnic quilt were from the Rainforest Buzz line by Chrei Strole for Northcott Fabrics I opted to stick with that line and picked the stripe fabric for the back (doesn’t it look like strings?) and leaves on blue for the binding.

For the quilting I worked a couple of lines 1/4″ from the seams on each of the navy strips, and then for each square I randomly added lines following the angles within the square.

I have decided to call this mini quilt “Through Leaded Panes” as the sashing and border remind me of leaded windows. I love the bright colours in this quilt so much and had thought that it would make a lovely wall hanging in my boy’s room, or elsewhere in our house, but now I’m not so sure that this mini quilt will ever make it onto a wall.

If you’ve not already visited then pop on over to the Festival of Strings. There are plenty of magnificent quilts to be discovered.

Time to picnic

At the start of this month I joined the Easiest Sew Along Ever and decided I was going to make a picnic quilt for my two little boys. You can see my original post on the topic here and a work in process post here.

Today dawned unusually bright, sunny and warm and saw some speedy slip stitching of the binding from me as I aimed to get the quilt finished off in time for lunch and what could be the last chance to picnic for days if not weeks to come. Somehow in between the usual Monday morning chores and a morning trip to the pool with the boys I managed to get it done. The Bug picnic Quilt was ready to be christened.

The quilt itself has finished up at a nice 57″ square. It is backed in a layer of microfleece. Following the Sew Along guideline “use what you have” I opted to use a microfleece blanket I had bought in Ikea some time ago. Of course it turned out that it wasn’t wide enough for the task at hand so I dug out a second one and spliced a strip of that into the original blanket using a joining stitch to give me flat seams and avoid excess bulk.

When it came to the quilting I stuck to straight lines roughly 3/8″ either side of each of the major seams. I used some of my King Tutu threads for the quilting – Thebes (tone-on-tone teals) for the top and Limestone (tone-on-tone lime greens) for the back. I must admit I would not normally use these threads for my quilt back but this time I chose to because I like how it distributes the colour of the inserted fleece strip throughout the quilt back and also because it was the only matching thread I had sufficient of to sew this quilt (there’s the “use what you have” guideline coming into play again).

I choose a scrappy binding, using leftovers from all of the non-solid fabrics that I had used in the quilt. I used my standard doublefold binding, machine stitched to the front then slip stitched to the back of the quilt as I really love the finish this gives. In a second break from my normal practice I opted to join my fabric strips for the binding with straight seams rather than diagonal ones purely because I felt the straight lines would better mirror those throughout the quilt.

There is so much I love about this quilt. I love the colours, so bright and cheery.

I love how the appliquéd creatures turned out. The addition of the eyes and the straight stitch detailing really brings them to life for me.

I love the central woven panel. I have used this method in the past to create table runners and table mats so I find it fitting to have it in the centre of the picnic quilt, almost like a table mat on which to serve up a picnic.

I love the symmetry and the simplicity; the nine patch within a nine patch.

I love that in less than a month I have gone from chosing fabrics, to creating a design and then have followed right through to a finished quilt.

But most of all I love how much my boys already love this quilt and I love the thought of all those fun picnics that will be enjoyed in the summer months ahead.

This Sew Along, my first, has been a really wonderful experience for me and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Now that you’ve seen my work, why not swing by the Sew Along Flickr page and check out the wonderful work of all of the other very talented participants.