Ethereal Mosaics

Rachel over at Stitched in Color is holding another of her seasonal mosaic competitions. The theme of this particular competition is “Ethereal“, to pay homage to pastel hues. Entering is simple – you simply use the free Mosaic Maker tool to create a mosaic of 12 fabrics from Lark Cottons that you feel fit the theme. There will be 2 winners chosen and the prize for each is a fat quarter set of their winning mosaic fabrics.

As we can enter up to two mosaics in the competition I have created two contrasting selections. The first is “Pastel Strength” and for it I’ve chosen fabrics with strong pastel hues throughout.

mosaicf00ff1d2f35f91804978e09c56391a0048cfbf28My second mosaic is “Light and Airy” and in this one I’ve opted for plenty of low volume and geometric prints.

mosaic43d1ce5ee462dcb441650f9690e356694d0cdaa3What fabrics would you choose? If you are interested in creating your own mosiacs then why not pop over to Stitched in Color where you can read all about the competition and link up your completed mosaics.

My Quilty Bucket List

As the Quilty Bucket List blog hop enters its fourth and final week I have decided it’s about time for me to get my Quilty Bucket List written up. I’ve been meaning to do this since I first read about The Quilty Bucket List at the start of the month. For those not familiar with the bucket list it’s the wonderful idea of Stacey from The Tilted Quilt. She has been hosting a month long blog hop to encourage everyone to write and share their own Quilty Bucket Lists. From Stacey’s description these lists should be of “the quilts that we all have on our lifetime to-do list…. or it could be something quilt-related that you want to accomplish”

qblbutton_zps81c8559bSo here it is: my Quilty Bucket List. These are quilts that I would very much like to make, and they are all my own designs. Ever since I first started quilting there is one thing that has been clear to me, I am definitely happiest when I am working on my own designs. I have tried, and I feel failed, to make the deigns of others which is probably why, for example, the Swoon quilt I intended to make remains at the single-block-completed stage for close to a year.

First quilt block - it's only 24" squareNow it is time for me to look at this block from a completely different point of view. This is no longer an orphan Swoon block but rather the starting point for …

"Repurposed" Quilt design by Mud, Pies and PinsRepurposed

This quilt will feature the fabrics from the New Leaf collection by Daisy Janie. I fell in love with these fabrics when I first saw them and still want to make something special with them so I will make use of the block that I have, add several more of my own design to create “Repurposed”.

The second quilt on my list is “Starburst”.

"Starburst" Quilt design by Mud, Pies and Pins


This is a design that I created last year, andhave even begun to sew. Progress stalled when I had to order extra background fabric and other than that there is no good reason why it has not progressed beyond the completion of the first trial section.

DiamondThe third, and final, quilt that I am going to add to the list is a Liberty lawn quilt. As I slowly build up my stash of Liberty lawns I am ever more attracted to the idea of creating a quilt with these beautiful fabrics. I’ve been playing around with some of my block designs and a random selection of Liberty fabrics and the results so far have only enforced this idea for me. This is not the final design, but it is as good a starting point as any.Liberty quilt design by Mud, Pies and PinsThe last item on my list is not to make a quilt but to someday maybe help my son/s to make his/their first proper quilt/s. At the moment my eldest son is five and he loves to sew with me. For as long as he is interested I will encourage him and teach him. He has already quilted two small quilts for his teddies and if at some time in the future he decides he would like to make something larger then I will be there to help and encourage him as he does so, just as I will be for his little brother if that is his wish.

Luminamou with his finished quilt and pillow

Stick a Pin in It – A Sunday Stash Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Sunday Stash Update, but then it’s been a while since I’ve had much to share. Whereas last year the postman was frequently delivering fabric stuffed packages to my postbox last year, this year has seen a huge cutback in the numbers of packages arriving to my door. I think there are several reasons for this. I started last year without much of a stash and then went on to stock it rather well. There were several collections that appealed to me and in most cases I added some, and sometimes all, of each to my stash in some shape of form. With plenty of fabric at hand to play with, and plenty of ideas in my head on how to use it I simply don’t feel the need to add greatly to my stash and so this year I have decided to focus on a few key additions. I continue to be a member of the Pink Castle Fabrics Stash Stack Club because my stash has really always been focused on collections and I have found this club a really great way to add a good selection of blenders to my stash.

Because much of my sewing this year has been focussed on my butterfly designs most of my fabric purchases have been focussed on adding to my small, but ever growing, collection of Liberty Tana Lawns. When I found out about the Westwood Acres Liberty Tana Lawn Bundle of the Month Club at the start of the year I immediately signed up for the fat sixteenth bundle and I am so glad that I did. My January bundle was full of a great mix of fabrics. There are some beautiful florals that will be pefect for my butterfly designs, but also some really inspiring geometric and retro prints that I am going to have great fun using.

LibertyJanThe February bundle was every bit as varied and I can honestly say there isn’t a single fabric in there that I can’t see a use for. I really look forward to finding out what fabrics arrive in the months ahead and designing some great projects for them.

LibertyFebI’ve also been doing some shopping for Liberty fabrics over at Very Berry Fabrics. I’ve been a bug fan of Ali’s Liberty scrap packs since I fist discovered them last year and my early butterfly designs were all created from scrap pack fabrics. Now that I am making larger designs, and lots of them, I am in need of more fabrics and so I have recently added Reiko in three different colourways (blue and greys), Douglas Stripe in Blue, Hera  in blue and green and Ibstonian in blue and yellow.

LibertyVBbluesFor a nice splash of colour there is also some pink Penny, Phoebe in a beautiful mix of peach and oranges, and finally some Clemmie.

LibertyVBpinksWith all of the EPP work going on I have also invested in some new threads. I am a really big fan of Aurifil and had been using Aurifil 50wt for all my EPP work, and indeed all my sewing, to date. However some fellow EPPers have recently been raving about The Bottom Line thread from Superior Threads and after trying some out I have now switched to that for my EPP piecing. Although it’s a polyester thread it is a super fine 60wt and I find it to be exceptional for piecing the lightweight lawns and so I have just taken delivery of a bobbinsaver filled with 35 prewound bobbins of The Bottom Line which should fill most of my EPP thread needs for the foreseeable.


Alongside the bobbins you can see another recent discovery that I won’t be without in the future. I found these rolls of Make-A-Zip when browsing the online store of a relatively local fabric store. For someone who tends to design and sew as I go these are a really great discovery. Instead of having to measure lots and fit projects to shop bought zips, now I can simply cut the zip to fit the project. I’m going to have great fun with these.

My very last recent purchase, is this magnificent little  pincushion that I purchased from Wychbury Designs. Isn’t it just adorable. It’s actually a brooch, a wearable pincushion. When I’m hand sewing I have this habit of sticking my needle into the front of my shirt when I need to put it down for whatever reason. It’s not perhaps the best of habits especially as I do tend to forget abot the needles from time to time. Needless to say when I saw this little beauty I couldn’t resist it, no more forgotten needles for me!

PincushionBecuase it’s Sunday I am of course linking up to Molli Sparkles‘s Sunday Stash, which this week is being hosted by Work-In-Progress Girl. Hope to see you there.


A Dragonfly in the Making

For over a week now we have been enjoying wonderful spring weather, unseasonably warm days and explosions of blooms all around.

SpringThe upshot of this is that much of my days have been spent outdoors with my boys and sewing time has really only been sqeezed in here and there. Train journeys are always a good time to get some work done and this week I made use of my commute to and from work to get the pieces ready for my latest EPP project.

EPPdragonflypiecesA few stolen moments in the evenings and I made some progress on the piecing.

EPPdragonflybodycToday dawn wet and chilly and although we were out and about doing our usual Saturday shopping, and then home to an afternoon of toy sorting and reorganisation, I still managed to get a few more stitches in over the odd cuppa. Now my dragonfly not only has a body but it also has the first pair of wings.

EPPdragonflywingcAccording to the forecast spring is on a break for the next few days so we should be indoors a bit more and I’m looking forward to there hopefully being more oppertunitites to get sitting down with piecing the second pair of wings and getting this creature finished.

Linking up to SEWjo Saturday over on My Go-Go life.

Pattern Testers Wanted

Between my butterflies and my red and white quilt ideas I have been doing quite a lot of designing of late and I have decided that I would like to share some of my deisgns. To start with I will be sharing the patterns via Craftsy. Some will be free but others I will be selling, although I will offer them for free or for a reduced price for a limited time when they are just released. Before I share any of my patterns though I would like to get them tested and I am therefore looking for some pattern testers.

Butterfly#1coverAs well as the EPP patterns that I have recently been working on I also have a small collection of cross stitch designs that I created a number of years ago. As I would also like to share these I am currently looking for people who are will to test patterns in either or both of these formats.

If you are interested in doing some pattern testing for me then please fill out this form to be put on the list. Please note that if you sign up to be a pattern tester for me then it is understood that you are agreeing to:

  • Keep all patterns and details I send you confidential until the pattern has been released (although you may share sneak peaks)
  • Keep the copy of the pattern in question for your own use only. You may not redistribute or share the pattern in any form at any time.
  • Test the pattern within the alloted time frame and agree to let me know ASAP if you cannot meet a specific deadline.
  • Send honest feedback regarding your experience with the pattern as well as one or two well lit photos of your work