Broken Herringbone Tops

The MSBHQAL quilt along has drawn to a close and it’s time to link up finished quilts (and quilt tops) over on Molli Sparkles. I wish I could say my quilts were finished but unfortunately they haven’t progressed at all over the past few weeks.

The first top is finished. I’ve decided that this quilt will be called “Splintered Panes” as it reminds me so much of a stained glass panel.

MSBHQALtop1The second top “Odd one Out” remains as a single (mis-pieced) block and a pile of strips only partially sewn together.

brokenbhI realised as I started to piece the strips that I would not have enough of the marine fabric I was using as sashing and although it was promptly ordered over a month ago there were some unforseen shipping delays and the fabric only arrived late last week. With any luck I’ll get a good run at this second top during the next week or two and then I will finally sit down to some basting and quilting.

Crochet and Quilts: WiP Wednesday

Last week I shared the first of my festive strawberries, or should I say my Christmas ornaments in the making.

OrnamenthangSince then I’ve been picking up my crochet hook when I have a few minutes to spare and have been churning out lots of new snowflake tops. I am going to make use of the Ho-Ho-Ho, Let it Snow charm pack in my stash to start on some bodies for these, and I have a couple more festive fabrics on the way that I am looking forward to using as well.


I have finally made good progress on my MSBHQAL quilts. The first top is finished and ready for some quilting.


I’ve been slow to get started on this as it means taking out my Singer and as I have several other smaller projects on the go at the moment and I am keen to see them finished first so I have a bit more space to work with. Space is something I will definitely need because I have a few other quilt tops ready to quilt including my “Insert Retro” quilt and the single block Star Surround quilt I made as part of the recent quilt along over on Happy Quilting. It still needs a name so if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.


Before I start quilting I would also like to finish the second MSBHQAL quilt top that I have in the making. This one, which I have already named “Odd One Out”, will feature the broken test block I made at the start of the quilt along. It will also be a nine patch quilt and I have the fabrics for the remaining eight blocks cut and all ready to sew. They will be transformed into blocks later in the week when I know I will have a few hours to sit down and motor through them all.


Remember those smaller projects I mentioned earlier, well a couple of those feature some beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn from Very Berry Fabrics. More about those later in the week when they are finished, but for now here’s a little sneak peak.

LibertysneakLinking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for Work in Progress Wednesday. Hope to see you there.

Busy Fingers: WiP Wednesday

Earlier this week I finished the top of my Sea of Pearls quilt. Although I’d love to progress that further I simply don’t have the space to baste that beauty in my house so it will have to wait till I can borrow some floor space somewhere.

CQATopSo with that quilt top neatly folded away for now I thought it was time to get to work on this bundle of lovelies:

MSBHQALbundleOver the next few weeks these, and more, are going to be transformed into blocks for my MSBHQAL quilt. Yesterday it was the turn of some yellow and orange fabrics to meet with the rotary cutter, the sewing machine and a little navy sashing.

MSBHQALyellow1 MSBHQALorange1If you were here last week then you will know that I made (and broke) a test broken herringbone block with the leftover fabrics from the Sea of Pearls quilt.

brokenbhWell I have to admit that, despite it’s imperfections, I am totally in love with that block and have decided that in addition to my rainbow broken herrinbone quilt I will also be making an undersea version.

On top of the MSBHQAL blocks work is progressing nicely on all of my swap projects. This little bundle of fabrics arrived earlier this week,

Halloweenfabricand over the next few days I’ll be using some of them to frame my cross stitch witch.

DSC01323turnAnd if all of that wasn’t enough to keep my busy I’m still plodding away at my on-the-go projects. Today it was the turn of a snowman to accompany me on my train journey to work.

WwbblockLinking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for this week’s Work in Progress Wednesday. Hope to see you there.