One of the lovely traditions we have come across here is that of the autumnal lantern walk. Last year we had one with the little man’s Kita. this year it was with his forest playgroup. A few weeks ago he came home from playgroup with a lovely lantern. Made from a soft drinks bottle, plastic, wire, and paint it was simple but perfect.

At the very last minute I decided I should maybe have made one for myself as well so a little bit of emergency crafting was called for. I managed to cobble one together using a preserving jar. I decorated it with a few sparklies and stickers from the little man’s crafting supplies, added a string handle, some sand and a nightlight and we were ready for the off.

Despite it having been a grey and foggy week we had a rather lovely evening. A little fog remained but not enough to hide the moon completely. It added something mystical to the evening. We made out way through the forest lanterns in hand the children lighting the way with their lanterns. There were songs, storytime around the campfire and nibbles galore. My contribution to the feast was a batch of cheese and sweetcorn mini muffins. The evening was enjoyed by all and ended on a magical note as tiredly we made our way down the candlelit track that wove it’s way between the trees.

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