Being relatively new to quilting I am of course not all that knowledgeable about all of the terms, blocks, patterns etc that exist. So when I started hearing about swoons I didn’t have a clue what people were talking about. To me a swoon was somethings ladies of old did when their corsets were too tight!

A friend wrote about working on her swoon, and I had images of her practicing a sigh and graceful fall. I came across a few more mentions and then there were images always of single blocks, often scrappy and multicoloured so I never really connected them all. But that piqued my interest and I finally decided to research a little more on what a swoon was. And so I discovered Camille Roskelley’s swoon pattern. I love the idea of large blocks where the colours really get a chance to shine. I knew that I wanted to make one.

And so I have decided that this will be one of my next projects. Because I have several smaller projects (gifts) I need to work on in the coming weeks I am going to just work on this a block at a time when I need a break from my other works. I’m not going to do a full sized quilt as to be honest my house would not let me. I live in a small house filled with myself, my husband and our two little boys. Finding the space to baste and work with a crib sized quilt is already a challenge, anything larger would defeat me, I fear. Storage too is an issue so my projects tend to be confined to those I can gift or use. At the moment there is most definitely space and need for a lap quilt for chilly evenings on the sofa. I have the perfect fabric: my recently purchased New Leaf by Daisy Janie. If the first completed block is anything to go by it is going to be a beautiful quilt indeed.


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