Admittedly it’s already been a week since Easter but between returning from our trip home to visit my family in Ireland, getting back into our normal routine and me spending every spare moment at the machine creating cushions for the Stitched in Color Shelburne Falls contest there has been no spare time to share our Easter crafts.
Just before I left on holidays I had time to share my sewn Easter eggs. Well these were put to good use decorating a table runner that was my parents’ gift in the Easter treasure hunt. It was made to match the cushion I had made for my Mum as a belated Mother’s Day gift and looked wonderful on the coffee table over the holidays (albeit a little creased from travelling).
I especially liked the addition of the Easter bunny breads that myself and my older son baked. The tummies contained dyed eggs – although I must admit the dying left a lot to be desired (Oh for white eggs to work with rather than brown).  The original idea to bake these Easter breads came from The Italian Dish. We just reduced the dough quantity and added heads to the plaited dough circles to make our little bunnies.
Easter Sunday saw us painting eggs that one of my sisters had very thoughtfully blown out earlier in the week. I do of course mean that most of the painting was done by my older son, although myself and my sisters couldn’t resist having a go as well. Mum made us a lovely “Easter tree” on which to hang our eggs alongside a few others she had.

On top of all of this we also made Easter baskets and cards, my sister held a treasure hunt for the boys (although I added little gifts for all the family along the way) and we wrapped the day up with a wonderful feast of roast lamb cooked by my Mum followed by a coffee panna cotta made by yours truly. All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better homemade Easter – truly the stuff that memories are made of.

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