Yesterday was Mother’s Day. If that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate I was lucky enough to also be celebrating my birthday and I have to say I was spoilt rotten.

It was a weekend of celebrating. I started with a girls’ night in on Saturday night. I decided that I wanted Mexican flavours (to accompany the margarita’s I knew we’d indulge in) so after a lot of time spent on Google I came up with some wonderful recipes I’d love to share with you all. I came across a recipe by vespawoolf for what was described as “The Best Homemade Salsa” and I have to say it was excellent. I teamed that up with John Torode’s guacamole and charred tomato salsa and some smoky five pepper cheese dip and our tortilla’s were well loaded for the night. Over on the Food and Wine site I stumbled across a very delicious recipe for tequila mustard chicken skewers and as a vegetarian option I found a lovely recipe for really tasty sweet potato and black bean empanadas on With a Mexican chopped salad with honey and lime dressing on the side we were all well fed, but still managed to find space for the margarita lime cheesecake I made to finish off the meal. It was my first time ever to make a baked cheesecake (I’ve only made set ones before), but it will most certainly not be my last. I am so glad I found Kim’s recipe on her Liv Life blog. All in all it was an evening of great food, great company and great fun and thanks to a few margarita’s the donation of new hat for my son’s teddy!

And if I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to celebrate with such wonderful friends and family at the weekend I was also the very, very happy recipient of some truly wonderful gifts.

My old cutting mat somwhow ended up warped and for the past few months I have been using a small one we had to hand. My wonderful husband has now supplied me with a beautiful new cutting mat. From my sister there was a beautiful book on patchwork gifts, full of really cute ideas. I have wanted this book since I first saw mention of it. It has so many great ideas – pillows, a little hexagon quilt, stuffed bunnies and mice, decorations and much much more. I don’t know how many items I will make to gift, but make them I will.

Aren’t these just stunning? Also from my sister they are by Jennifer Paganelli from the Crazy Love Collection by Free Spirit. I just love the colours in these fabrics. I don’t think they will remain in my stash for too long. 

There’s more fabric to come too. My husband has also ordered me a bundle of the New Leaf fabrics from Daisy Janie. I just adore the colours in that range and am so happy to be getting more of those fabrics as the fat quarters I have will soon be consumed by my ever so slowly progressing swoon quilt. My friends generously gifted me a voucher to and I am thinking I might put that to good use to build up a stash of blenders. 

I really am so lucky to have so many wonderfully generous people in my life.

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