Although I’m new to blogging myself I’m not new to following blogs and one of the things that I have always loved about blogging is how interactive the blogging community is. When it comes to quilting there are bees to join in, sew-alongs to follow, block of the month projects and so very much more including the Blogger’s Quilt Festival held by Amy Ellis. Held twice annually to coincide with the timing of Quilt Market it is a great opportunity for quilters old and new to share their favourite quilts.

I have decided that I am going to enter my Spot the Monster Rainbow Stripe quilt into the festival this Spring. There is so much I love about this quilt: the colours, the fabric, the design, and even the quilting, simple as it is.

This was the second quilt I made, and I initally made it for my eldest son to cuddle under in his cot. Although the top was finished a few years ago it took me until earlier this year to finally finish the basting and quilting at which stage my eldest had moved on to a bed and my youngest was now sleeping in the cot. So now it is a shared quilt, sometimes it lives in the cot, other times on the bed even though it is really too small for there.

Inspired by a design in a German quilting magazine I decided on a fairly simple design for this quilt. I wanted something that was going to be colourful and fun and I found the perfect mix in a variety of charm packs I had in my stash. There are fabrics from Studio E’s Eek Monsters, Cheri Strole’s Dinosaur Uproar and Animal Alphabet along with Amy Bradley’s Alien Invasion. I ended up with a whole rainbow of colour, just perfect for what I had in mind. Squares were halved, colours organised, strips pieced and before I knew it I had a completed quilt top in my hands.

I chose to stick to very simple quilting. I wanted to leave the free spaces as free as possible so the colours would remain the highlight of the quilt. I found some King Tut threads in colours that complemented the colour progression in the quilt wonderfully and so I used those to stitch some simple outlines.

Although it’s far from perfect I love this little quilt and even more I love to see one or other of my little boys tucked up under it at night or playing on it the day.

I’m sharing my quilt in the Baby Quilt category over at the BQF. There are already some wonderful quilts shared there and plenty more to follow I’m sure. If you haven’t already visited then pop over to the BQF and check out all the wonderful quilts in all of the various categories.


21 thoughts on “Festival Fun

    1. Thank you. That was what attracted me to the original idea I based my desing on and what prompted me to make this in the first place.

  1. I think your quilt looks lovely. I really like the vibrant colours against the freshness of the white. Great work.

    1. Thank you. I’m sure my boys will get great enjoyment out of this and the many more quilts I hope to make them in the future.

    1. Thank you Lis. I just love the variety of children’s fabrics that are available these days. So much colour and fun.

  2. I love it! And it’s so much fun to look at the close-ups and say, “I have that fabric too!” And then to think, “And I wish I had that one… and that one……” etc. I love how you combined the colors.

    1. Thank you for oyur lovely comments. Only having a charm pack of each of the fabric lines I used I too wish I had more of them. I’ve been lucky enough to pick up the odd couple here and there. The colour arrangement was pure chance really. I tried so many random mixes but could never get it to my liking. I eventually laid out all the colours in a long line from light to dark to try and get it right and realised that I didn’t need to mix any more but should just stick with the colour progression instead.

  3. Love how fun and simple this one is. I’ve been making lots of I-Spy Quilts. This would be a fun variation on that. If you’re ever interested in participating in an I-Spy swap, I host them every so often. Our current one is full, but I’ll be doing another in a few months.

    1. A swap sounds like a wonderful idea Polly. I’ve never done one before but would love to join one in the future. I’ll keep an eye out for your next one.

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