One last post on the 2013 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition from me. In case you haven’t already seen my other posts, then let me start by saying that the idea behind the competition is simple: take one trimmings pack and use it to create something. It doens’t have to sewn, it just has to be used in a creation.

Voting is now open on the competition Pinterest page and will close 5th June at 12am ACST… so why not pay it a visit and get pinning now, although before you do I should remind you that there are three things to remember:

  1. Repin from the competition board
  2. Repin as many as you like
  3. But only repin each entry once

Even if you don’t use Pinterest it is well worth having a browse as there are so many wonderful enteries. For those enteries that are linked to blogs you can click through to read the relevant blog posts.

If you would like to give me a vote (and thank you so much in advance if you do) then here are my three entries again. For each of them I’ve posted the image that has been pinned to the competition board first along with a few more images from my original posts.
A reversible bucket hat. This was made for my youngest son, and I also made a drawstring music bag for my eldest from the same trimmings pack.

My handbag set For this entry I used some of the trimmings in a handbag I had designed myself and the remainder to make a coin purse, pouch and covered button key chain

The Mini Elephant Hide and Seek Wall hanging is my final entry, and perhaps my favourite, is a whimsical wall hanging depicting mini elephants playing a game of hide and seek amongst the flowers.

I have really enjoyed creating with these trimmings packs and I am sure I will be buying more in the future. They are available via the Umbrella Prints BigCartel shop or  Etsy shop if you feel like trying them out yourself.

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