Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. I thought I had his gift sorted. As is usual for me it was ordered online. I then waited, and waited, and waited some more and finally got the “your item has been shipped” email and I knew his gift was not going to arrive on time.

Cue some last minute crafting. Once I got the little ones off to bed I got to the task at hand. I did some browsing, and some more browsing. “Sewing gifts for men”, “sewn father’s day gifts”, “father’s day gift tutorial”, “dad’s birthday gift tutorial”, I tried so many searches but came up with nothing. Eventually inspiration struck. Some months ago my hubbie bought himself a kindle. He often packs it in with his ipad but he doesn’t have a cover for it on it’s own. More browsing led to this, and then more specifically to this tutorial on how to make a kindle cover. I had the perfect fabrics to hand, a nautical themed fat quarter my husband had admired some time ago when I was fabric shopping, along with some Bon Appetit Accounts Flax designed by Gillian Fullard/London Portfolio for Michael Miller Fabrics. This was another fabric that my husband had admired while I was recently shopping at The remaining materials I had lying about – some cotton batting, some heavyweight fusible interfacing, elastic and a flexible lightweight plastic chopping sheet stolen from the stack in the kitchen.


I must admit that I did not follow the tutorial to the letter for several reasons: My husbands kindle is much smaller than that for which the tutorial was created so I adjusted the measurement accordingly. I used the cotton batting for the internal padding, after first backing it with heavyweight fusible interfacing. Because I felt the cover needed a little extra protection I cut up the plastic chopping sheet and used that as an extra internal ayer with the padding. The plastic faced the outer cover to protect from external knocks, the batting faced the inner layer to cushion the kindle.


The cover turned out to be very simple to make and I was more than pleased with the results. The plastic inner gives the cover has just enough support to feel protective, without adding lots excess weight. The Bon Appetit Accounts Flax fabric works wonderfully as the lining. I love the idea of the old, handwritten records juxtaposed with the modernity of the kindle.


I wasn’t the only one pleased with how this turned out. My husband was more than delighted with his gift and his kindle is now safely padded and protected.


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