In my last Sunday Stash post I gave a sneak peek of the latest addition to my sewing room.


Now it is time to show you this little beauty in all her glory. Introducing my very own Singer Featherweight.


I have wanted a Featherweight for ever so long. I already have a beautiful old Singer 201k, and I do so love to use her, but she is a heavy and bulky machine and not one that you can easily pull out for just a little bit of sewing. And while my Brother is very lightweight and relatively compact it still takes up too much space for my liking at times. And space is one thing I am very limited on. So of course the Featherweight is the perfect solution. A lightweight but reliable compact machine I can eaily pull out as needed.


This new beauty was found looking for a new home on ricardo, the Swiss equivalent of ebay. When I saw her I just couldn’t resist putting in a bid and was more than delighted when I found out I had won her. Even more delighted when my husband said he would pay for her as a gift for me, and that he would go and collect her. She’s in absolutley wonderful condition and comes with original and extra accessories, even including what appears to be the original tube of motor lubricant.



There’s a buttonholer which I am delighted about. My mum has one of these for her Singer and I have always loved using it. She offered it to me a few years ago but I asked to keep it at home in case I needed it from time to time when visiting, which I have done.


Perhaps the cutest of the items that arrived with her is the little vintage box in which the extra bobbins were stored.


The wonderful condition of this machine indicates that she has been well cared for till now. I intend to look after her just as well but I don’t intend to keep this machine all for myself. I also want my son to use her, he loves to sew on my other Singer when it is out so maybe now he will be able to do a lot more sewing if he wants to.

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  1. It’s gorgeous! How old do you think? I love that it came with all those original bits and bobs too 🙂

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