During last week’s work in progress post I showed you some of the details of a cushion I was making for a little girl 1st birthday. Now that it’s finished I’m happy to be able to share it with you.

I started with a patchwork of fabrics that I simply quilted 1/4 inch each side of all seams.


With some creative cutting and trimming I shaped the patchwork in the form of a large “E”.


I decided to use some minky scraps in pink and grey to back the pillow. I pieced together three strips to make a piece large enough to back the pillow. I then pinned the E patchwork to the minky layer, right sides together, and stitched around the shape of the E.


Once stitched I trimmed off the excess minky and turned the pillow right way out. I stuffed it quite firmly then hand stitched the opening closed.


No matter which way it is used I think this large Cuddle E is perfect for a little girl with it’s mix of colourful patchwork and soft cuddly backing.


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