Friday I did a little sewing and it started off with this.

monsterzipThat was followed up with a nice little pocket.

MonsterpocketI then went on to add a few of these.

MonsterbrSome fun with rattles, felt and fussy cut fabric resulted in these.

MonsterrattlThey will fit in a pocket.

MonsterpockerrOr in the zippered pouch.

Monstereat2My creation?

Why a monster of course!

monsterHe’s a 1st birthday present for a cute little boy we know. Monster has a soft flannel body, felt pocket and scale like head and limbs. There are jingle bells in his minky ears, and his zipper mouth opens up so he can be fed.

MonstermouthDinosaurs are his favourite food so it’s just as well there are two dino rattles for him to snack on.



5 thoughts on “It Started with a Zip

  1. Oh my goodness!! So adorable. I know my daughter would have loved this little guy. Heck, she’s 15 and she would still love it!! I have no sewing talent, so I’m in complete awe of your work.

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