I’m happy to say that I have finally finished the top of my “Sea of Pearls” Quilt, my variation on the String of Pearls Quilt that I am making for Christa’s Quilt Along. I must admit though that the last few days of sewing have not been without their trials and tribulations. I pieced the top, then pressed the top and when I finally managed to clear just enough toys out of the way to let me phototgraph the top…

CQATop1… I realised I had made a mistake. Somehow despite lots of checking and rechecking I had managed to mix up the third and fifth strings of pearls. I suppose it was the fact that they both started with the combination green, blue, yellow. I just didn’t check which green, blue and yellow. So out came the trusty seam ripper, the offending rows were ripped out and sewn in place properly. Except they weren’t. Somehow, despite lots of pinning, I managed to end up with row 5 completely out of line with the rows above it. One big mug of tea, lots more seam ripping, bobbin filling and resewing and I finally got it right.

CQATopI am very happy with how this top has turned out. I changed the pattern a bit so that it could be pieced in strips rather than blocks and am more than happy with how that has worked.

CQABlocksAnd I think that my little man is more than happy with the quilt top too, and especially with all the “hisch” he can find swimming about.


3 thoughts on “Rip, Re-sew then Rinse, Repeat

  1. No seam ripping for me. I would have left it just as it was. Beautiful. My strings turned out so wonky, I made it into something completely different. “Pearls Plus” I call it. It is on Christa’s flicker. I don’t know how to add it here. It’s also on my WordPress which is still a big mystery to me. LOL.

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