Over at Celtic Thistle Stitches Fiona is currently hosting a Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Competition. The idea behind the competition is simple: take a holiday memory and create a mini quilt (bag/accessory, pillow/cushion or mini quilt/wallhanging) based on that memory.

Holiday Memories buttonThe memory I chose was my sister’s wedding which took place at the start of our holidays back home last summer. As the base for my creation I chose a photo of myself (on the left) and my two sisters from that day and used the Palette Builder tool to create a fabric palette for my project.

DSC00275-paletteI tried to include all the main colours from that day in my palette selection – and focussed mainly on colours from the dresses and the bouquets. Once I had my colour scheme I went on to select some fabrics that I felt represented it well. To incorporate a little extra memory I fused layer of red chiffon that I had left over from making the bridesmaids’ dresses onto the red fabric I had chosen to use. I then started by making an EPP butterfly as the centerpiece for my project. I chose the butterfly because during the same summer holidays I started my first ever EPP project and that was in the form of some EPP butterflies in Liberty fabrics.

ButterflyhOnce I had my butterfly it needed a setting so I set it on an off-white background and framed that with a patchwork of the fabrics I was using. At this stage I was still undecided as to what I would make but in the end I opted for a tote because I am badly in need of one for my various handcrafts and so I quickly set about creating the body of the tote from the butterfly panel.

ButterflybfI opted for a nice simple design, and with a final size of 22×20″ it is one that will afford plenty of storage space. For extra storage I added a set of pockets to the back of the bag.

ButterflybbThere are also plenty more on the inside. I left one unpartitioned so I can easily tuck in a book or pattern. I also added some ties to one of the sides so I could tie my knitting needle case in there when necessary.

ButterflybiThe body of the bag is fused to a layer of Decovil I Light and underlain with a thin layer of batting. I kept quilting to a minimum, bordering the panels of the front, some stitch in the ditch around the body of the butterfly and some hand stitched flowers on the front panel.

ButterflybfpI added a line of decorative stitching to the strap for a little added interest and colour.

ButterflybsI’m looking forward to using this tote for my sewing and handcraft projects in the future and it is lovely to have it as a reminder of that magical day at the start of our holidays last summer.


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