A couple of months ago I signed up for the first ever schnitzel & boo Mini Quilt Swap and although I have had the plan for my mini quilt in my head since the beginning, and have been making slow progress on it over the past weeks, I have somehow ended up leaving it to the very last minute to get it finished. Today is the final day for posting our quilts out to our partners, so I shall be on my way to the post office with my parcel this afternoon.

38c0e7f2-0ee6-4485-acfb-e1289f3e5755_zps831d9d44My quilt idea came from my recent love of making mini hexies. Over the past few weeks I gradually pieced together 24 mini blooms using quarter inch hexies. This was very much a portable project and saw me working on trains and planes, at home and out and about.

SBMQhexiesOnce the blooms were finished I set about creating the quilt panels, one for each of the four seasons. As this was a mini quilt I created four 6″ blocks, all seperated by black sashing. Each block represents a season and once I had created the base quilt I set about creating the scene for each set of blooks using a mix of appliqué and quilting/thread painting.

SBMQtopOnce this base quilt was finished it was then a simple matter of attaching each of the blooms to finish each seasonal picture. For spring I choose a tree motif as I love how trees in bloom are often some of the first signs of spring.

SBMQSpringSummer had to be a field of flowers as colour fills both garden and meadow alike.

SBMQSummerI decided to work the autumnal blooms into a decorative wreath, just as many decorate their houses with all the colours of that season.

SBMQAutumnFor winter it had to be some festive cheer with baubles dangling from on high.

SBMQWinter168 mini hexies, 24 mini blooms, four panels, one mini quilt: “Window to the Seasons”.

SBMQdoneLinking up with this week’s TGIFF over at Hot Pink Quilts and Whoop, Whoop Fridays at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Fall is totally my favorite! These are so cute! I can’t imagine doing all of that little tiny handsewing, but it looks amazing when it’s done! 🙂

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