Today I thought I’d share news of a fun design contest that I have come across on my travels through blogland. It’s the Offset Warehouse Big Spring Contest. It’s just been launched and there are some great prizes up for offer.

The idea behind the contest is simple. There are four blogger judges and each judge has a specific theme. You browse through the fabrics on offer at offset Warehouse and then decide what you would like to make with them to fit the theme you have chosen. You then submit your idea to the judge whose theme you have chosen. If you have lots of ideas you can submit a different idea to each judge if you like. Each judge chooses a winning design and each winning designer then gets the fabrics they have chosen and three weeks to make up their project and the overall winner will then be chosen by public vote.

So far I’ve chose to enter the “For My Crafty Friend” category that is being judged by Ali over at Very Berry Handmade. There is one, maybe two, of the other categories for which I have a few ideas so I am going to see if I can maybe come up with a something else to enter before the March 16th deadline for submission of designs.

If you’d like to find out more then pop on over to the Offset Warehouse’s competition page and then visit each of the blogger judges’ pages to find more about their chosen themes and how to submit your ideas.

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