As promised here is the continuation of my recap of the Peaks 7 retreat weekend. We’re now on day two and the challenge of curved piecing. If you missed day one you can catch up here.

Day two dawned bright and sunny, another beautiful spring day and it was honestly difficult to concentrate on the sewing at times when the views out the windows were so mesmerising.Peaks72p5

I warmed up with a little creative sewing, making a quick hand sewn QAYG style Liberty rose that I mounted in a 4cm/1.6” Dandelyne hoop to make into a new necklace. Although you can buy these hoops with necklaces I prefer to hang mine on ribbon or piping cord.Peaks72p4

After that I was ready to start into a morning of sewing and we started working on the beginnings of the Peaks Harmony quilt. We got tips on working with colours, on working with curves and on how best we should stitch our blocks.Peaks72p6

There was some unpicking at first, but not much, and lots of concentrated silence as the morning progressed. Peaks72p1After lunch we had an optional quick scrap attack project with the lovely Gina. She had chosen to show us how to make a mug cosy, but more importantly to show us how to strip piece at angles. We were free to use our own scraps or to select from the many boxes of scraps Elita had brought with her.Peaks72p3

I opted to use my own scraps as I decided it would be lovely to have a mug cosy to match the quilt I was making as it was destined for my sofa and I love nothing better when relaxing than to snuggle under a quilt with a cuppa and a good book.Peaks72p2

Once I was done with that I got back to working on my quilt. The afternoons are very much free time at Peaks. Some will opt to have a massage or to get a mani and/or pedi. Many will relax in the hot tub on the patio before dinner and in between it all we will all potter away at our sewing, chatting, breaking now and again for a cuppa and just generally enjoying being there.

On day 2 we had the evening free, after dinner would normally be time for the scrap attack project but as Gina wasn’t free then we had reorganised accordingly. I took advantage of the free time to cut out borders and finish piecing my quilt top and backing so I could be ready to baste and quilt them the following day.

And with that day 2 was done. Tomorrow I’ll be back to share all about colour theory class, some English paper piecing and more yet curved piecing. Hope to see you then.

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