My blog is beginning to feel like my house does a lot of time at the moment, ever so quiet. Summer has definitely arrived for us and as a result we are outdoors as much as possible. The upshot of that is of course that when I am indoors I am catching up on chores or grabbing some sewing time and as a result I don’t have much time to sit in front of my computer and share my exploits with you all, and there is quite a lot to share. Swap packages have been arriving and heading off on their journeys. Needlebook | Mud, Pies and PinsSwap package received | Mud, Pies and PinsI’ve been quietly working away on some secret sewing – all should be revealed on that project on Friday.

And of course I’ve been working away on some EPP because it’s my favourite on-the-go, indoors, outdoors, travelling project type. If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you will know that one such project I have been working away on is a mini quilt for the #handpiecedminiswap that is being run by @lifeinlists over on Instagram.

EPP work in progress | Mud, Pies and PinsI’m working on an octagonal design and have spent the last few weeks cutting papers, there are a lot, and covering them in preparation for sewing. It’s been a bit of a battle as I continuously change my mind about fabrics and colours.

EPP work in progress | Mud, Pies and PinsEven now as I piece the quilt together I’m changing my mind on the decisions I made previously. The central octagon that I thought looked good when I did a trial layout of the first few rounds just doesn’t work for me now that the rounds are starting to be stitched together. I think it needs to be more solid, in a lime green or blue perhaps, something that pulls out more of the accent colours in the fabrics. I’m going to wait till the piecing is finished and then trial different fabrics till I find the perfect one. And who knows, maybe by the time it all comes together I will decide it does work after all.

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5 thoughts on “Summer Time EPP – WIP Wednesday

  1. That is such a fun EPP project that you’re working on! And I love that needle book. Is that a project that you received or are sending off?

    I wondered if you might be interested in joining in another link up. My mom and I post one each Friday called Crafty Comment Karma, for people to link up any of their crafting, quilting or sewing posts. It’s open for the whole week until the next one goes up, so I hope you think about joining us! Link-up located here:

  2. I really like the secondary patterns that you are making in your EPP project. For instance, I see butterflys or bows in the section you show being joined together in your last photo! 🙂

  3. It’s a really great pattern, but I do agree with you on the central octagon. I don’t think you’re in my group, so sadly this one won’t be coming my way!

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