As, I am sure, many of you are aware, I do a lot of sewing on the go. I have a twice weekly commute which sees me on the train for an hour in each direction. I also I have two boys who enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities and if watching from the side-lines I like to have a project to keep me company. Sometimes I knit, but I’m not into fine knitting so my projects can quickly become bulky and none too portable. My favourite portable projects are sewing on the go projects, or more specifically EPP projects.

Sewing in the sun in Lenk, Switzerland | Mud, Pies and Pins

Today I thought I would share a few tips on how I manage these projects when out and about. It all begins with the container, a way to carry all the supplies you need. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, depending on your need it can be anything from an old cookie tin to a plastic storage box; from a specifically crafted project pouch to a zip lock bag. The main thing is that is meets two requirements: 1) it will safely transport all the materials you need and 2) it is portable.

Pouch for an EPP project | Mud, Pies and Pins

My go to containers are either plastic storage boxes or pouches. I tend to use small plastic boxes for projects such as micro hexies, and I keep the pouches for projects with much larger pieces that require some extra notions. The plastic boxes are handy for the tinier projects because I can pack all I need into the box and the lid is handy to keep pieces together as I am working.

Micro hexies for EPP on the go | Mud, Pies and Pins

Once you have the container, it is time to fill it with all you need. For my EPP I do as much prep work as I can at home. I cut my papers and fabric and if possible even pre-baste my pieces, but I am not averse to basting on the go. I find that, the more I have prepped and ready to go, the less I need to bring with in terms of notions and added extras. If my fabric or basted pieces need to be sorted into a particular order I do so in advance and keep the pieces together with clover clips or larger paper clips. If necessary, I also keep layout photos on my phone in case I need to double check those at any stage.

EPP pieces | Mud, Pies and Pins

Notions I keep to a minimum. I find I generally need very little when I am sewing on the go so I stick to the basics – thread, needles and thimble pads in a needle book, clover clips and a thread cutter. I don’t bother with scissors or seam rippers or any other such tools as I may have my Bernina Wenger Swiss Sewing tool with me which has all those included. If I’ve not got that with me I can be guaranteed that myself and the boys (if they are with me) will have at least one Swiss army knife in our bags.

EPP notions | Mud, Pies and Pins

Once I have all packed up then all I need it a corner to work in. I’ve been known to sew pretty much anywhere I can. I sew sitting on the train, and the plane, sitting by the playground or the childrens’ construction site; poolside, mountainside, in the garden, in the coffee shop. I’ve sewn in the sun and I’ve sewn on the snow. What about you? Do you also like to sew on the go? Or is there perhaps anything else you would like to know about sewing on the go?

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