I can’t believe it is Wednesday already/again. Days seem to be flying by here. We had a lovely long weekend so I got a bit of extra time with my sewing machine which I was very happy about. There has been a couple of finishes and plenty of progress made this week.

For my youngest son I completed a reversible bucket hat, while my elder gained a new drawstring bag for his musical instruments. Both were made as part of my first entry to the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition.

I’ve made good progress on my Bug Picnic Quilt that I am making for the Easiest Sew Along Ever. The quilt top is now complete and I am very happy with how it has turned out, especially the appliquéd blocks.

As the intention is for this quilt to be used primarily for picnicing I decided to use some microfleece blankets as a backing for the quilt, and have added a layer of flannel to the centre of my quilt sandwich for a little extra padding. The whole sandwich has been spray basted together and I’m making good progress on the quilting.

I started work on a handbag and some accessories. I’m making it as part of another Umbrella Prints Timmings Pack Competition entry I have planned. I’m a little bit addicted to sewing with these trimmings packs at the moment. They are so much fun.

My first swoon block has been languishing alone in my WIP stack for far too long so I have finally cut into the next two fat quarters of my New Leaf fabric and and ready to start piecing the next block.

The final work in progress that I would like to share is not mine, but that of my son. Each time I have my Singer out for quilting he likes to use it to do a little sewing. He recently made a pillow and a little quilt for his favourite teddy. This time he is making a sleeping bag for the same teddy, and has started quilting what will be the top. His lines are the straightest, but he is trying his best. I think it’s great considering he’s not even five yet!

It’s a little cramped at my tiny sewing table but we muddle by and I do so love having him sew beside me as I get on with my own projects.

At this time I’d usual be linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced‘s Work in Progress Wednesday, but, as there is none this week, the link up will have to wait till next week when I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to share!

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