Between my butterflies and my red and white quilt ideas I have been doing quite a lot of designing of late and I have decided that I would like to share some of my deisgns. To start with I will be sharing the patterns via Craftsy. Some will be free but others I will be selling, although I will offer them for free or for a reduced price for a limited time when they are just released. Before I share any of my patterns though I would like to get them tested and I am therefore looking for some pattern testers.

Butterfly#1coverAs well as the EPP patterns that I have recently been working on I also have a small collection of cross stitch designs that I created a number of years ago. As I would also like to share these I am currently looking for people who are will to test patterns in either or both of these formats.

If you are interested in doing some pattern testing for me then please fill out this form to be put on the list. Please note that if you sign up to be a pattern tester for me then it is understood that you are agreeing to:

  • Keep all patterns and details I send you confidential until the pattern has been released (although you may share sneak peaks)
  • Keep the copy of the pattern in question for your own use only. You may not redistribute or share the pattern in any form at any time.
  • Test the pattern within the alloted time frame and agree to let me know ASAP if you cannot meet a specific deadline.
  • Send honest feedback regarding your experience with the pattern as well as one or two well lit photos of your work

4 thoughts on “Pattern Testers Wanted

  1. I know this is an old post, but if you ever want any patterns tested, I am a very willing pattern tester. Provided they are not too small of course!

  2. I’m passionate about all things patchwork and quilting and would love to pattern test for you xxx

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