Last week I shared with you the EPP lotus blossom pillow and other items I had made for my partner in the Instagram Liberty of London Swap Round 2, #lolswapround2. Today I’d like to show you the beautiful items that I received from my partner @denana1973, otherwise known as Mariana from Coser Tejer Crear.
As my regular followers will know I have been knitting a fair bit this winter. Knitting? I hear you wonder, when this was supposed to be a post about Liberty of London. Well bear with me and all will become clear. In the past I always used metal knitting needles, most of which were inherited from my grandmothers. I never really had any proper storage for them but kept them paired up in a bag in my knitting supplies box. More recently I’ve started to purchase and use bamboo and other wooden needles and I knew my ever expanding needle collection was in need of better and more organized storage. Because of that one of the possible swap items I had listed for my partner to me for me when I joined the swap was a knitting needle case. So you can imagine my joy when that was exactly what I received.

Knitting case cover

Isn’t this just stunning. Not only is it a Liberty knitting needle case (or roll), it is an EPP’ed Liberty hexie knitting needle case! I’d been following Marianna’s progress on IG as she made this case and was in love with it from the very beginning. The combination of fabrics in the cover is just perfect. It’s so delicate and coordinated and so very much to my taste.

Knitting case inner open
The inside of the case is just as stunning as the cover. There are a multitude of pockets that will be perfect for all the different needles that I own. The little flecks of Liberty lawn inserted into the inner fabric are just stunning, and the stitched details on the top flap are just one more beautiful feature that makes this case so stunning.

Knitting case inner closed
I can honestly say that I will cherish this case and it will be very much used and loved.

Marianna sent me lots of lovely extras as well. There is an adorable Liberty pincushion that features more decorative stitching and has the cutest little pin in it. It now sits happily by my sewing machine and my eyes are drawn to it every time I sit down to sew.

Swap items recieved

As well as two stunning pieces of Liberty fabric which I will definitely put to good use there was also some dark chocolate which is my favourite, and which was very much enjoyed; a pair of the cutest owl sock which go so very well with all the other fun socks in my sock drawer; and adorable little cross stitched picture, did I ever mention that cross stitch is another of my hobbies; and a couple of other goodies which are all finding great use in my sewing room. It really couldn’t have been a more perfect package.

Knitting case collage
I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this swap. It’s been so much fun to swatch everyone’s progress on IG, to see all of the finished pieces and swap packages as they are revealed and to meet so many new IG friends and you can be sure that if there is another round I’ll be in line to sign-up.


4 thoughts on “#LoLSwapRound2 – Package Received

  1. Wow, what a perfectly thoughtful and beautiful item from your swap partner. It sounds like she was really in tune with what would work for you. That is awesome!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I love both EPP and Library fabrics so together they produce an amazing gift, no wonder you are so delighted. Sewing friends really are the best kind. x

  3. Stunning, Paula! I couldn’t be more happier for you! That is one gorgeous knitting needle case…and so many other amazing goodies! 😉

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