Proudly Presenting

In my last Sunday Stash post I gave a sneak peek of the latest addition to my sewing room.


Now it is time to show you this little beauty in all her glory. Introducing my very own Singer Featherweight.


I have wanted a Featherweight for ever so long. I already have a beautiful old Singer 201k, and I do so love to use her, but she is a heavy and bulky machine and not one that you can easily pull out for just a little bit of sewing. And while my Brother is very lightweight and relatively compact it still takes up too much space for my liking at times. And space is one thing I am very limited on. So of course the Featherweight is the perfect solution. A lightweight but reliable compact machine I can eaily pull out as needed.


This new beauty was found looking for a new home on ricardo, the Swiss equivalent of ebay. When I saw her I just couldn’t resist putting in a bid and was more than delighted when I found out I had won her. Even more delighted when my husband said he would pay for her as a gift for me, and that he would go and collect her. She’s in absolutley wonderful condition and comes with original and extra accessories, even including what appears to be the original tube of motor lubricant.



There’s a buttonholer which I am delighted about. My mum has one of these for her Singer and I have always loved using it. She offered it to me a few years ago but I asked to keep it at home in case I needed it from time to time when visiting, which I have done.


Perhaps the cutest of the items that arrived with her is the little vintage box in which the extra bobbins were stored.


The wonderful condition of this machine indicates that she has been well cared for till now. I intend to look after her just as well but I don’t intend to keep this machine all for myself. I also want my son to use her, he loves to sew on my other Singer when it is out so maybe now he will be able to do a lot more sewing if he wants to.

Good Fortune Strings: WiP Wednesday

June is coming to an end and with it the Kate Spain blog hop  being hosted by Alyce over at Blossom Heart Quilts. The grand finale of the blog hop will be a link up part of all of the projects created with Kate Spain fabrics during the blog hop.


Some weeks ago I pieced together some strings of Good Fortune with the intention, at the time, of making a mini quilt similar to my Through Leaded Panes mini quilt.


Last week, while playing around with some designing I came up with a paper pieced pattern for Star Wheels, and I trialed that out with some more Good Fortune fabric, purely because that was what was sitting in front of me at the time.

This week has seen a flurry of activity with my Good Fortune pieces as I aim to have something completed by the 28th so I can link it up at the end of the blog hop. Star Wheels has been stitched:


There are some chevrons:


Pin wheels are appearing:


With only 2 days left to go I still have a lot of work to do but I am confident I can manage to finish this project in time.

Of course no Work in Progress Wednesday post would be complete without a link up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced. Hope to see you there.

From Socks to Sewing Machines

It’s been a week full of new additions in my house. Because I do most of my shopping online and mostly form the States it is often the case that several weeks worth of orders all arrive at once. This was one of those weeks.

A few weeks back I won a pair of Laurel Burch socks in one of the weekly giveways Christa of Christa Quilts! is holding as part of her Year of Weekly Giveaways. When I was picking my choice of socks from her shop I decided I would add a couple of fabrics to my order, as I was paying for the postage anyway, so I chose a couple of Laurel Burch basics in pink and olive.

LBSocks Olivepink

Some time ago I saw a block I liked from Wombat Quilts that was composed of olive green and hot pink triangles. I loved the colour combination and am going to slowly add some fabrics in these colours to my stash.

My next postal delivery was from the Fat Quarter Shop. I’ve signed up for their Batik Club and this month’s fat quarter bundle was Cabbage Rose Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics.


My next little fabric bundle comes from Malka Dubrawsky. I love the colours and designs of her a stitch in color and simple marks lines and always love to see a new post from her blog a stitch in dye pop up on my Bloglovin feed as you can be guaranteed it will be filled with gorgeous fabrics and designs. When I saw she was offering a  was offering a few charm packs of her hand dyed fabrics on her etsy store how could I resist. I snapped up a couple and eagerly awaited their arrival.


Aren’t they just stunning. I can’t wait to get using them. As an added bonus I also received a mini charm pack of a stitch in color.


That’s going to be fun to use. I think I might use them to make a pillow using this tutorial I recently came across on the Janome site. I’ve also added a couple of rainbow jelly rolls to my stash which will be a nice source of multicoloured sashing to mix in with the many charms I have.


The last two additions this week are my favourite. I recently saw mention of Olive Sandwiches Keep it Sassy line and fell head over heels for it. After a bit of browsing I managed to snap up a bundle for an absolute steal on ebay. It just arrived and I love it even more.


Of course I had to keep the best till last. It’s not fabric but it is a wonderful new addition to my sewing space. This is just a sneak peek. I’ve lots more to share about this beauty real soon.


Linking up with Sunday Satsh over at Finding Fifth.

Sunday Stash

A Last Minute Gift

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. I thought I had his gift sorted. As is usual for me it was ordered online. I then waited, and waited, and waited some more and finally got the “your item has been shipped” email and I knew his gift was not going to arrive on time.

Cue some last minute crafting. Once I got the little ones off to bed I got to the task at hand. I did some browsing, and some more browsing. “Sewing gifts for men”, “sewn father’s day gifts”, “father’s day gift tutorial”, “dad’s birthday gift tutorial”, I tried so many searches but came up with nothing. Eventually inspiration struck. Some months ago my hubbie bought himself a kindle. He often packs it in with his ipad but he doesn’t have a cover for it on it’s own. More browsing led to this, and then more specifically to this tutorial on how to make a kindle cover. I had the perfect fabrics to hand, a nautical themed fat quarter my husband had admired some time ago when I was fabric shopping, along with some Bon Appetit Accounts Flax designed by Gillian Fullard/London Portfolio for Michael Miller Fabrics. This was another fabric that my husband had admired while I was recently shopping at The remaining materials I had lying about – some cotton batting, some heavyweight fusible interfacing, elastic and a flexible lightweight plastic chopping sheet stolen from the stack in the kitchen.


I must admit that I did not follow the tutorial to the letter for several reasons: My husbands kindle is much smaller than that for which the tutorial was created so I adjusted the measurement accordingly. I used the cotton batting for the internal padding, after first backing it with heavyweight fusible interfacing. Because I felt the cover needed a little extra protection I cut up the plastic chopping sheet and used that as an extra internal ayer with the padding. The plastic faced the outer cover to protect from external knocks, the batting faced the inner layer to cushion the kindle.


The cover turned out to be very simple to make and I was more than pleased with the results. The plastic inner gives the cover has just enough support to feel protective, without adding lots excess weight. The Bon Appetit Accounts Flax fabric works wonderfully as the lining. I love the idea of the old, handwritten records juxtaposed with the modernity of the kindle.


I wasn’t the only one pleased with how this turned out. My husband was more than delighted with his gift and his kindle is now safely padded and protected.


Design Time: WiP Wednesday

It is not quite summer yet but the weather here doesn’t know that and with daytime temperatures in the low 30s (low 90s) afternoons are spent in shade in the garden where the boys can splash around in their paddling pools and stay cool while Mummy sips cold drinks and gets slowly drenched by well meaning little boys and their wet cuddles. Of course one outcome of all this is that Mummy is not getting much sewing time. The evenings aren’t any better, without air conditioning all we can do to keep cool indoors is sit in front of a fan and of course fans and little pieces of material do not go well together.

All of this means that instead of doing much sewing I am playing around with some designing and so this Wednesday my work in progress post is all about the design work I have been doing in preparation for some new quilts.

I’ve been wanting to try paper piecing for a while so my first design had focused on that and resulted in the creation of a pattern for “Star Wheels”. I’ve played around with lots of colour combinations and my first version will be in some fabrics from Kate Spain’s Good Fortune line with accents in Purple and Blue Chill Bella Broadcloth. After many ripped seams and recut pieces of fabric I have managed to piece together my first block segments.


They are far from perfect, but at least it’s a start. I clearly still have a long way to go in getting to grips with this technique so I think some practice with scrap fabric is in order before I progress any further on this pattern. The finished mini quilt will hopefully look something like this:


The second quilt idea I have drafted is a pattern for what will be my Starburst quilt. This will be a much larger quilt, probably around 65″ square.


I’ve pieced together the first arm of the star and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. It finished up at just over 30″ long, so no fiddly sewing in this design.


I then got distracted from any more designing by an email update from Threadbias that announced their latest design contest.


Working with Windham Fabrics, Pink Castle Fabrics, and Stash Books Threadbias are holding a design contest featuring Wallflowers – a brand new collection by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew. To enter the contest all you have to do is be a Threadbias member (it’s free to register) and then use the Quilt Design Tool to design a quilt no larger than 60″x75″ featuring the beautiful fabrics in the Wallflowers collection.

My entry is entitled “Vertical Garden”. I see it as a brickwork quilt top with flowers growing up the “wall” of the quilt.  Ideally the flower petals would be fully lined and only attached at their bases for a 3D effect. The quilting would then enhance the brickwork effect and also add in details of leaves and stems for the climbing flowers. To see a larger version of the design click on the image below and that should bring you to the original contest entry.


The competition is open for enteries till July 7th, so why not pop over to Threadbias and try you hand at some designing of your own, or just browse the site and see the whole range of sewing resources available there.

As ever I’m linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced. Hope to see you there.