Ever since I first started quilting there is one thing that has been clear to me, I am definitely happiest when I am working on my own designs.My current obsession with EPP is probably a good reflection of this. When I first tried my hand at EPP last year it was using traditional hexagons, but even then I wanted to work with designs and arrangements that are perhaps less commonly used and chose to start by making some butterflies with my hexies.

ButterflyhI did go on to make some of the more traditional Grandmother’s Flower Garden blocks, but these were generally on a very mini scale, working with quarter inch hexies, or even smaller on occasion.


While I enjoyed making these I found myself wondering how I could use different shapes in my EPP creations; not the standard hexagons, pentagons, squares, diamonds etc, but more random shapes.EPPbutterflyWIPAnd so I began creating butterflies that were designed to be pieced using EPP techniques and then appliquéd onto fabric.

EPPbutterfly5 EPPbutterfly4 EPPbutterfly3 EPPbutterfly2My initial designs were large, some measuring close to 12” high on completion but the designs were easily scaled and so with some reduction in size, and on occasion simplifying, I have made one of the designs in a variety of sizes to suit different projects.

EPPbutterfly1 SP3ButterflyThe most miniature of these, which are barely 3” high, were created for use on fabric artist trading cards which I am in the process of making for the current round of the Very Berry Handmade ATC swap.  It is these cards that perhaps capture best the vision I had when I first started designing these EPP butterflies.  A vision of a quilt featuring EPP butterflies fluttering above a field of blooms.

EPPATCsATCbutterfly2Not content to with just my butterflies I have also now started playing with other designs for EPP. I am currently working on a dragonfly design, looking at complex and simple options for the wing design.

EPPdragonflyAnother design that I am playing with is one for an EPP version of my QAYG blooms. While I find these easy to create by the QAYG method I think it would also be fun to make them using EPP and so I will try.

QAYGEPPAgain and again I find myself playing with designs, pushing the boundaries and taking little note of what may or may not be traditional or usual. I think that having the freedom and ability to do so is what impels me to keep creating.

Linking up with his month’s “in hand” epp link party over at Splish Splash Stash.

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20 thoughts on “EPP – But Not As You Know It

  1. oh yes, very cool. I often look at designs in quilts or other places and think that they would be possible to create using EPP. Love your butterflies especially 🙂

  2. I have just entered the world of EPP. Like you I want to try other shapes. I am not a fan of doing paper piecing–I am often picking out my mistakes –but have wondered if I can do them as an EPP. Your blog has given me the incentive to try. Thanks

  3. this is incredible! it’s like you’ve invented an entirely new art form here! the butterflies are so beautiful. I look forward to seeing what else you make.

    thanks for linking up with In Hand EPP link party. what an original contribution! =)

  4. Oh I LOVE what you have been doing here! EPP is the perfect process for creating like this. Beautiful butterflies and lovely use of print fabrics. I’d be tempted to backstitch around some of the outlines in a grey embroidery thread to help them stand out a little more.

    I notice you are using Inkscape. Are you happy with it? would it work for making cross stitch patterns?

  5. Your butterflies are so gorgeous and I applaud you for making your own designs. I had never even considered this idea.
    I do hope that you will consider bringing your butterflies to my monthly hexie party called HeLP for Hexie-aholics. Next party is 4/17/14.

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